Demographic Realities in South Africa

  • Lehane Boonzaaier AOSIS (Pty) Ltd


Department of National Health and Population Development Introduction One of the most pressing problems faced by the world today is the rapid population growth experienced by developing countries. A country's ability to enslrrc an acceptable standard of living for all its people is closely linked to its ability to maintain a balance between the size of the population. its socio-economic capabilities and the extent, replaceability and renewability of its available resources. If the population outsgrows its socio-economic capabilities and if population growth is greater than can be sustained b,v natural and other resources, the quality of life of the inhabitants will inevitably suffer. Communities may become causht in the so-called poverty trap - a vicious circle of poverty and high fertility - which is often in so many developing countries around the world, and which is often accompanied by social instability. In this articlc, the current and future demographic trcnds in South Africa will be analysed.