The spirit of research

  • Dr F.W. Fox
Keywords: Research, Philosophy, Attitude, Curiosity.


To be invited to give the first Noristan Address to the society was an unexpected honour which I appreciate and for which I want to thank you. It is also a real pleasure to which I have looked forward, for it enables me to join in the tribute you have paid to the late Hans Snyckers and the Noristan Organisation which has made the existence of the society possible. Ever since its inception I have watched its progress knowing it was fulfilling a valuable and to some extent unique function: it was good to hear that you are taking the bold step of standing on your own feet and I wish you well in the future. Lastly, you have given me this chance to revisit the Transkei and Umtata, for it was here, many years ago, that I became converted from the conventional to a wider vision of what the study of nutrition is about.

Author Biography

Dr F.W. Fox