Easier diagrosis of congenital dislocation of the hip

  • Solly B. Shochet
Keywords: Hip Dislocation, Diagnosis, Neonatal diseases and abnormalities, infants, newborn.


A method that makes possible an easier visual diagnosis of Congenital Dislocation of the Hip is described. It is simple, reliable, rapid and easy to perform. It is based on the observation that in the prone position the normal infant will form, with its heels, when the soles of the feet are held in apposition and approximated to the buttocks, a symmetric curvi- linear diamond shaped pattern. A dislocation of the hip will distort the symmetry of the pattern. The test will not detect the unstable hip. It can be used to demonstrate CHD at birth. It simplifies detection of cases missedatbirth or those that only appear after birth.

Author Biography

Solly B. Shochet
(Dip Pharm) MBChB MPH (HU) DftM & H
Original Research