Brand innovator versus multisource cefpodoxime in respiratory tract infections: A comparative study

  • Jacques Rene Snyman Isimo Health
  • Connie E Medlen University of Pretoria
Keywords: bioequivalence, cephalosporin, multisource products, upper respiratory tract


Purpose: In everyday practice clinicians are overwhelmed by claims from the pharmaceutical industry and, due to marketing efforts, they often view generic multisource products with scepticism despite proof and registration by regulatory authorities of bioequivalence. The primary aim of this study was exploratory and aimed to compare the acceptability of generic cefpodoxime (Cepodem®) versus the innovator brand product (Orelox®) in terms of effectiveness, safety and tolerability in a general private practice setting in South Africa in the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract infections.

Methods and patients: Ninety patients were recruited and randomised to receive either product for 10 days after clinical diagnoses of either tonsillo-pharyngitis or rhino-sinusitis or pneumonia. 

Results: It was demonstrated that both products resulted in similar clinical and bacteriological cure rates with also no difference in tolerability profiles.

Conclusion: These findings support the bioequivalence data as submitted for regulatory approval, of the generic Cepodem® translating into clinical effectiveness and argues against the need for a clinical non-inferiority study to demonstrate sameness.

Author Biographies

Jacques Rene Snyman, Isimo Health

Isimo Health, Belville, Cape Town

Connie E Medlen, University of Pretoria

Department of Pharmacology, University of Pretoria, Pretoria

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