Fragmentation of Care: A Case for Care Coordination

  • Mariana G Hewson Clinical Sciences Center
Keywords: Patient Care Team, Patient Advocacy, Physician, family, Consultation, Interprofessional Relations.


With increased medical knowledge and skills, complex medical histories are more common than were before. With the increase of such patients there is also an increased need for medical care to be coordinated. Care coordination is commonly thought of as the rob of the primary care doctor, yet the are occasions when this may not be easy or possible. At these times, other caregivers (ranging from medical specialists to allied. health care providers) who are involved with a patient, may need to take on this role. The family (or sometimes friends) of patients with complex, medical conditions need to act as advocates for their loved ones by ensuring that care is adequately coordinated in order to prevent fragmentation resulting in unnecessary complications; or even death!

Author Biography

Mariana G Hewson, Clinical Sciences Center
PhD, Associate Researcher Dept of Medicine and Paediatrics
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