The South African Family Practice (SAFP) journal is the official journal of the South African Academy of Family Physicians (SAAFP), and is aimed at all SAAFP members (including family physicians, registrars, associate members, students), working within primary care (both private and public health sectors, as well as urban and rural practice settings) within South Africa and the wider region.. View our Editorial Team.

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Letters to the Editor

Social media use by health professionals: To do or not to do?  
Lushiku Nkombua
28 January 2020


The potential impact of dietary supplement adulteration on patient assessment and treatment from a healthcare provider’s perspective  
Gary Gabriels, Mohamed Irhuma
09 December 2019

Review Articles

Burning issues in acute heart failure management  
J. A. Ker, K. Outhoff
09 December 2019


European osteoporosis pharmacological guidelines confirm current recommended treatment whilst answering important management questions  
H. de Wet
09 December 2019

Review Articles

Treating complexity in the older adult - the role of the geriatric giants  
L. Greenstein, A. Abraham, B. Tipping
09 December 2019