The South African Family Practice (SAFP) journal is the official journal of the South African Academy of Family Physicians (SAAFP), and is aimed at all SAAFP members (including family physicians, registrars, associate members, students), working within primary care (both private and public health sectors, as well as urban and rural practice settings) within South Africa and the wider region.. View our Editorial Team.

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CPD Articles

Legal requirements for reporting clinical cases to the South African police or social services  
Dirk T. Hagemeister, William Oosthuizen, Bridgette Mokae
29 June 2024

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Vol 65, No 1 (2023)  
Editorial Office
28 June 2024

CPD Articles

Regional anaesthesia for district hospitals and clinics  
Michele Torlutter
28 June 2024

Original Research

Hepatitis B immunisation and immune status of nurses in a regional hospital in central South Africa  
Emily M. Makola, Willem H. Kruger, Perpetual Chikobvu
26 June 2024

Original Research

Knowledge, attitudes and practices on diabetic foot care among nurses in Kimberley, South Africa  
Labala G. Mafusi, Chika K. Egenasi, Wilhelm J. Steinberg, Mathew O. Benedict, Talat Habib, Melvin Harmse, Cornel van Rooyen
25 June 2024

Original Research

Hybrid electronic record: An error reduction strategy for diverse medical prescription formats  
Carl-Heinz Kruse, Michelle T.D. Smith, Damian L. Clarke
07 June 2024

Original Research

Social accountability challenges and recommendations by community service rehabilitation therapists  
Ntandoyenkosi L. Msomi, Andrew J. Ross
06 June 2024

Original Research

The impact, perceptions and needs of parents of children with epidermolysis bullosa  
Antoinette V. Chateau, David Blackbeard, Colleen Aldous, Ncoza Dlova, Cassidy-Mae Shaw
06 June 2024

Original Research

The utility of computed tomography at a district-level public hospital in Cape Town  
Ridwaan Osman, Amy Fouten, Nihaad Jacobs, Fawwaz Cader, Francois Ehlers, Nazrana Zalgaonkir, Elaine Erasmus, Daniël van Hoving
27 May 2024

CPD Articles

Management of neonates with respiratory distress syndrome in resource-limited settings  
Radhika Singh, Leann P. Munian, Nqobile A. Memela
22 May 2024
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 Notification: Introducing Our CRISP Checklist Requirement

We're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our submission process: the CRISP (Consensus Reporting Items for Studies in Primary Care) checklist! Effective 17 May 2024, we strongly recommend that all original research submissions must be accompanied by this comprehensive checklist to ensure alignment with the highest standards of scholarly excellence. The checklist aids researchers in meeting readers’ needs by including content that our primary care research community feels is important for the validity, quality, and usefulness of primary care research reports. The CRISP checklist will help authors provide a thicker description of the study setting and explain the relevance of the study findings to the primary care audience. We have reviewed the checklist with our editorial board and the recommendation was to make the checklist optional for all original research submissions. We will monitor the experience from authors, reviewers and readers during this trial period.  We're confident that this proactive approach to quality assurance will significantly elevate the calibre of research published in our journal, furthering the advancement of knowledge in our field.  
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Notification: Exciting news for academia!

The Table of Contents for Vol 65, No 1 (2023) of our esteemed scholarly journal is now live, offering a gateway to the latest advancements in your field. Delve into a curated selection of peer-reviewed articles and insightful analyses, providing a comprehensive overview of current research trends and innovations. Navigate the intellectual landscape with precision and depth, ensuring your work remains at the forefront of academic discourse. Explore, engage, and empower your academic journey today!  
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Press Release: Exciting update!

Our past two editorials for the Journal of Applied Neurosciences are available! Discover the vision and mission behind our new journal and the innovative research we aim to showcase in neuroscience and other biological underpinnings of human behaviour. Read the insightful editorials by our Editor-in-Chief, Dirk J. Geldenhuys, and learn more about our journey and goals. Check it out here: journalofappliedneurosciences.org  
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Notification: Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Research History

Embark on a journey through the annals of research history! Our journal's archives hold a wealth of knowledge waiting to be rediscovered. From pioneering studies to timeless insights, explore the foundations of today's discussions. Join us in celebrating research history and uncovering the gems that continue to shape our understanding.  
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Notification: Unlock a wealth of knowledge with our publisher's library of research!

Dive deep into the latest findings and discoveries in your field. Browse library.aosis.co.za. Dive deep into the latest findings and discoveries in your field. From groundbreaking studies to insightful analyses, our publisher's library at library.aosis.co.za has it all covered. Explore a wealth of knowledge waiting for you to uncover!  
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