Die Asmapomp: Hoe vaar die Dokter?/ The asthma pump: How does the doctor fare?

  • Dr K le Roux
Keywords: Asthma, Aerosols, Inhalation Therapy, Education, Medical, Graduate, Physician, Family.


The aim of this study what to determine whether doctors need training in the use of aerosol pumps. Twenty six (26) primary care physicians were asked to demonstrate their own practical technique which they would use when prescribing asthma aerosol pump to a patient. They were all evaluated according to n check list of recommended steps (including 3 essential steps which are essential for optimal pump-effect). Their practical technique, involvement and method of instruction (oral or practical) were evaluated. Only 38,5% and demonstration the 3 essential steps,and only 19,2% the 8 recommended steps. The main mistakes/ omissions were no waiting time between inhalations (50%); no effort to hold breath after inhalation (42,3%); no shaking 0f the pump (34,6%); 88,5% gave oral instruction (their success rate was 43,5%); 53,9% give practical demonstrations ( success rate 61, 5% ) ; and 11,5% (with success rate 0%) gave no instruction; only 26,9% heard about placebo pumps and no doctor had his own pump. This study clearly shows that doctors need a well-designed training program in the use of asthma pumps which should include the correct, practical technique and which should emphasize the need for patient follow-up.

Author Biography

Dr K le Roux
MBChB (UP) Dip PNS (SA) Department Huisartskunde (UOVS)
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