Skin Testing with Inhaled Allergens: A Family Physician's Experience

  • Dr RJE Erasmus Medunsa
Keywords: Skin Tests, Allergens, Hypersensitivity, Respiratory Tract Infections, Physicians, Family


In an all-white family practice in the north-western suburbs of Johannesburg, a skin testing survey with inhaled allergens was done during 1988. The testing procedure, standard kit, advantages of skin testing and the findings are given and discussed. The results of this experience show a high proportion of patients presenting with recurrent upper respiratory tract infections had a positive reaction to skin tests. Age and sex factors made a difference and it also showed that skin testing with common inhaled allergens is a safe and cost effective procedure.

Author Biography

Dr RJE Erasmus, Medunsa
MBChB MPraxMed (Pret) Dept of Family Medicine
Original Research