The FLK for tonsillectomy

  • Anthony G Beeton University of the Witwatersrand


A child with morphological features at variance from societal perceptions of normality (too big, too small, too fat, too floppy, too stiff, too hairy, too distorted, funny face). The more “abnormal” features present, the more likely that the child has a syndrome. However, FLKs do not have to be syndromic. They may instead have malformations, disruptions, deformations, dysplasias, associations, complexes or sequences – all of which may be relevant to anaesthesia. The aetiology may be genetic or acquired. 3-7 % of children are born with one or more congenital abnormality. 75% of these affect the cranio-facial area. Frequently, parents arrive at the pre-operative interview with literature related to the child’s condition. Ignore this at your peril!

Author Biography

Anthony G Beeton, University of the Witwatersrand
Private Practice Affiliated to: Department of Anaesthetics University of the Witwatersrand
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